8e836a1c0832e84550a241d18bf26b34Albert Einstein looking fabulous

historical-photos-pt3-microsoft-staff-1978A Young Bill Gates and The Microsoft Gang

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_08The Last Known Tasmanian Tiger,Photographed in 1933 The Species is Now Extinct

historical-photos-pt3-martin-luther-kingMartin Luther King jr Removes a Burned Cross From his Yard in 1960.The Little Boy is His Son

604bc84e510a769558111c0f461e32a7Google Begins.34 People Here

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_06Nagasaki,20 Minutes After The Atomic Bombing in 1945

historical-photos-pt3-native-railroad-overlookA Native American Indian Overlooking The Newly Completed Transcontinental Railroad in 1868

266ac00ea2454d34b1ad0e5d9d182ae5The Great San Francisco Fire and Earthquake in 1906

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_05A Japanese Plane is Shot Down During The Battle of Saipan in 1944

historical-photos-pt3-mcdonalds-ronald-original-1963The Original Ronald Mcdonald—Played by Willard Scott

415e30dc3b1127b66acb5cd11ad44fb3Hitler in Paris

3f86230a18a47bfbb25891873d7695f3Winston Churchill out for a Swim,Typical Swimsuit of those Times

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_07A London Sky Following a Bombing and Dogfight Between British and German Fighter Planes in 1940

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_04British SAS Back From 3 Month Long Patrol of North Africa January 18th 1943

0030f3aa991a83f1cc0ec5e4cb5299d6The First Mcdonald—Buy em By The Bag -On The Sign

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_03Fidel Castro Lays a Wreath at The Lincoln Memorial


awesome_photos_collected_from_history_02The 1912 World Series

7c433d7c0fc7b0c619939495550d7d4bElvis in The Army

historical-photos-pt4-discovery-machu-picchuThe First Photo Following The Discovery of Machu Pichu in 1912

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_18Child Laborers in 1880

e3b648883052dae78cb5ebebdc9e1d88Construction of Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro Brasil

historical-photos-pt4-times-square-1911New York’s Times Square Circa 1911

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_17Leo Tolstoy Tells a Story to His Grandchildren in 1909

historical-photos-pt4-beatles-muhammad-aliThe Beatles Meet Muhammad Ali

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_1614 Year Old Osama Bin Laden 2nd From Right Bell Bottoms,Nice Threads,Expensive Shops

historical-photos-pt5-construction-statue-of-liberty-1884Construction of “Lady Liberty” 1884