“Monsanto Should be held up as a hero because they’ve developed technologies that help under developed countries increase productivity by 5 and 10 times. You’re an ignorant and stupid  person if you say what Monsanto does is bad for human beings” – Kevin O’leary

From our previous article on Kevin O’Leary’s pro-Monsanto stance:

Mr. O’leary you’re misinformed. In a recent study from the University of Caterbury, Professor Heinemann found that “the combination of non-GM seed and management practices used by Western Europe is increasing corn yields faster than the use of the GM-led package chosen by the US.”

The study also found that the GMO policy of the US is actually lowering yields of crops while at the same time causing more chemical pollution due to the heavier use of pesticides where GMOs are grown.

Please enjoy this video of 14 year old Rachel Parent as she destroys the patently false claim that Monsanto is a hero to the world. Her website is www.gmo-news.com