New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Remove all post-2010 material dumped at the Fenimore Landfill immediately!
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New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Remove all post-2010 material dumped at the Fenimore Landfill immediately!

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Thousands of kids and residents living within a 1/2 mile of the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury Township are being poisoned daily by Hydrogen Sulfide gas emanating from the landfill.  Health effects are numerous, homes values have decreased, quality of life is non-existent, and there is no end in site.

Tell the NJDEP to cleanup and remove ALL the debris they allowed to be dumped at the site since 2010 and restore Mooney Mountain and Roxbury Township to the beautiful place it was before. For more information go to  THANK YOU! ❤

The Governor of NJ
The NJ State Senate
The NJ State House
Bob Martin, NJDEP Commissioner
Kerry Pflugh, DEP Case Manager
Joe Eldridge, DOH Assistant Commissioner
Anthony Bucco, Senator
Jeff Meyer, NJDEP Enforcement
Magdalena Padilla, Chief Of Staff Government/Legislative Affairs
Judith Enck, EPA Administrator Region 2
Anthony M Bucco, Assemblyman
The June 26, 2013 takeover of the Fenimore Landfill located in Roxbury Township by the NJDEP is a disaster. The concentration and spread of Hydrogen Sulfide is worse then ever, even with the installation of Posi-Shell and Solar Spark Flares. We demand that ALL material dumped by SEP from 2010-2013 be removed immediately from the landfill so that the Mountain can return to it’s natural state….


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  • Adam Wohlleben MERRICK, NY

    This is hazardous to the community’s health

  • James Cerullo HOPATCONG, NJ

    The smell is awful !!! especially when you go for Ice cream @ Cliffs.

  • Dorinda Varhaul LEDGEWOOD, NJ

    Why is this important to you? This is important to me because the stench is making me and my family ill. The loss of our ability to use our yard and enjoy the things we like to do.

  • Nicolina Mobilio LEDGEWOOD, NJ

    Please help, I have 4 children and I want them to live long normal lives. I don’t want them going outside and running back in because of the smell. I don’t want to be running to doctors visits because of asthma issues which all arose after this situation. And lastly when my children can’t even go to school with out complaining about the smell, the headaches, the asthma, I want someone to give them answers as to why a place they love has turned to a place they want to run away from.

  • Georgianna Matusewicz SUCCASUNNA, NJ

    Unhealthy poison is being emitted in our air. It travels over 1 mile easily. We’ve had it all day today and I’m near the Randolph boarder by route 10! It’s been causing headaches, and upset stomachs in our home. We can smell it inside our home! I called 1 877-927-6337 and got Operator 44. He did not seem fully concerned over our plight. I feel that we need a whole lot more of activity on the petition site and the DEP phone number to get some sort of action. The DEP said on 8/14/13, 4:15 PM today that they are “aware of it”. Not good enough for me.