hot teaJust finished making my garlic and lime tea,i know i know it doesn’t sound too good but it does wonders for your body.It’s unusual for me to get sick but i do,specially when i stress,and i’m stressing,I have a trip to Salvador Bahia in Brasil coming up in September and,i want everything to be perfect,haven’t been there in over three years so i miss everything about being in Salvador,not El Salvador but Salvador Da Bahia De Todos os Santos that means The Bay of all Saints.Anyway i ran a fever and my throat was hammering me,took some tylenol for the fever and that’s all the drugs i’m taking,went to the market bought two coconuts,peaches,plumbs,bananas,garlic and apples and going to nurse myself back to good health,you guys should check these wonderful sites out they’re wonderful and chock-full of information and two great sites,make sure to bookmark them.I’m still sipping on my “garlime” tea,i try to finish it before it gets cold,here’s the recipe;boil one cup of water fill your tea cup with the boiling water mince,very importante mince the garlic with the knife to release all the qualitys of the garlic that you need to be released in order for you to get the full effect of the garlic example below 

how to mince garlic

When you want a dish to have quintessential garlic flavor that permeates each bite, mince it. You can mince with a knife, or a garlic press.

press garlic cloves - cookthink

Either way, you need to free the individual cloves. To do that, press down on the head with the heel of your palm. Apply firm, even pressure so the cloves don’t fly all over the place.

press garlic - cookthink

To peel an individual clove, cut of the hard stem end where the clove attached to the bulb. Either stop the cut just short of the skin on the other side and peel the skin around to remove it, or make the cut all the way through and squeeze out the clove. The older the clove, the easier the skin releases.

prepping garlic - cookthink

You can also peel it by setting the side of your knife blade on the clove and pressing down until you feel the skin release, though not hard enough to pulverize it, or the skin will get mixed in with the garlic.

slice garlic - cookthink

To mince with a knife, smash the peeled clove with the side of the knife. Then just run your knife back and forth across the smashed clove, chopping as you go until it’s as fine as you like.

using a garlic press by cookthink

If you don’t want individual little pieces of garlic and have a press, just put the whole peeled clove (or cloves, if you can fit them) in the press and squeeze. Use your knife to trim away any clinging garlic.

then put it in the hot water and cover it,then wash one lime/lemon cut it in half squeeze the whole or just half of the lime/lemon into the cup add honey/suger and/or Cinnamon cover it for a few minutes and viola! Please comment i would love to hear back from you wonderful people that want to live good and healthyHot-Cup-Of-Tea-300x155