As we detailed in an article we published on July 26th, alternative medicine is finally going mainstream! The mainstream media and Big Pharma are continuing their pro-vaccine media blitz while independent researchers, concerned parents and activists alike have been railing against the dangers of vaccines and their effects on child health.

A simple Google search will show the thousands of mainstream news articles which seek to demonize and marginalize anyone who wishes to learn about or promote alternatives to vaccines and talk about their proven health risks. In fact, there was a recent 61 million dollar settlement for a child injured by a vaccine which has become common place according to the FDA’s own vaccine side-effects reporting website as noted by

The horrible vaccine reaction endured by this baby girl is fairly common in the FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). When I examine VAERS reports, I see many rapid-onset cases like this of stopped heartbeat (sudden death), seizures and encephalopathy (brain injury) associated with all vaccines (this one was DTaP). Encephalitis is the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction and VAERS is full of reports like this. No one at the FDA, CDC or American Academy of Pediatrics cares.”

Still, mainstream propaganda outlets such as CNN are even stating their opinions that parents who don’t vaccinate their children should pay higher insurance rates. So why all the anti “anti-vaccine movement” movement? Well that’s a good question which will require another article in the future, so make sure to bookmark as we will be covering this topic more thoroughly at a later date.

Here is the video of Rob Schneider talking about why he is against the government mandating vaccinations for children.

Here’s is a longer version