Memory Loss can be caused by a number of factors and, to the person affected, can be extremely frustrating. These herbs are beneficial to boosting the brain.

  • Goto Kola is effective in reducing the affects of memory loss due to stress and anxiety by helping to relax the body and mind.
  • Ginko Biloba has been successfully used to improve the quality of life in Alzheimer’s patients. It works by neutralizing free radicals in the body and thus improves brain function.
  • Sage works by helping to improve memory and concentration
  • Ginseng, both Eleuthero and Root varieties aid memory by easing anxiety, improving memory,physical and mental endurance. It can also boost mood, concentration and focus.
  • Basil in the form of an essential oil works well to provide a calming energy that helps with concentration.
  • Bacopa enhances the function of nerve tissue and can help strengthen memory and concentration.